Emily Thompson
I am a Christian. I am a Wife. I am a Mother. I am a Baker.

It started out as simply making desserts for my family and church events. I could always bake well and I thank God for blessing me with that gift.

It then turned into my friends wanting me to experiment with different desserts and flavors. My love for baking just grew.

I decided to step out in faith to see where this passion and dream takes me. With the help of my wonderful husband, Justin, and my awesome 1 yr old, Ryleigh, we have made it this far. We would not be where we are without our loyal Sweet Dreamers. Sweet Dream Shoppe Co has allowed me to conquer so many fears and tackle so many challenges. I have worked with so many wonderful people and I plan to continue to do so. I hope that we are able to satisfy your sweet tooth and inspire you to step out in faith and follow your dreams!