Almond          Amaretto          Any Candy Bar Flavor    Apple Crisp          Apple Pie          Bahama Mama

Banana          Banana Nut          Banana Pudding           Banana Split          Blueberry          Brownie Bit

Butterscotch        Caramel Apple Pie          Caramel Popcorn          Carrot         Chocolate    Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Covered Strawberry          Cinnamon Roll          Coconut       Coconut Rum Cake     Cookie Dough

Cookies and Cream        Cotton Candy       French Vanilla       Funfetti       German Chocolate     Guava

Lemon        Maple Bacon         Maple Buttered Pecan       Marble     Marble     Mint Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Chip     Neapolitan       Passion Fruit       PB & J        Peach Cobbler     Peach Sweet Tea

Peaches and Cream        Peanut Butter Brownie     Pecan Pie       Peppermint      Pina Colada

Pineapple     Pineapple Upside Down Cake        Pink Champagne       Pistachio     Pound Cake    Pumpkin

Rainbow Sherbet       Red Velvet        Rocky Road       Shirley Temple      S'mores       Snickerdoodle

Spice       Strawberries and Cream        Strawberry       Strawberry Cheesecake       Strawberry Daquiri

Strawberry Lemonade       Strawberry Nutella       Tequila Sunrise        Tiramisu       Velvet

Wedding Cake       White Chocolate Cherry       Yellow Butter


Almond Cream Cheese Buttercream     Banana     Bavarian Cream     Bavarian Cream with Fresh Fruit

Caramel Dulce De Leche     Chocolate Buttercream      Coconut     Coffee Milk Buttercream

Cookies and Cream      Cream Cheese     Fresh Fruit     Fudge      Funfetti Buttercream

Ganache: white chocolate, chocolate        Guava      Hazelnut Nutella     Lemon Curd     Mousse      Passion Fruit

Peanut Butter Buttercream     Raspberry Buttercream      Raspberry Preserves     Strawberry Buttercream

Strawberry Preserves/Glaze     Vanilla Cream Cheese Buttercream 


Almond Cream Cheese Buttercream      Caramel Dulce De Leche      Chocolate Buttercream

Coffee Milk Buttercream        Cookies and Cream     Fondant      Funfetti Buttercream     Ganache

Hazelnut Nutella Buttercream     Peanut Butter Buttercream     Raspberry Buttercream

Strawberry Buttercream      Swiss Meringue Buttercream     Vanilla Cream Cheese Buttercream

Whipped Cream 

Any of these amazing options can be used for any sweet dream treat. Flavors may be added or taken away. If you have any flavor suggestions, just comment below! We would love to hear your ideas!

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