Love Over Fear

Every. Single. Day. I hear and see the phrase faith over fear. There are many posts on every social media outlet and there is at least 20 designs for said phrase! As a matter of fact, I have said it often and I even have a shirt. I was in a class one day taught by Ashley Johnson Cross, she reminded me that Faith over fear is not what God’s word says. His word says that perfect love casts out fear! That has sat with me ever since that class. Now it is true that if we increase our faith, fear will decrease. I don’t want fear to decrease, I want it completely gone. God commands us not to fear (Is 43:1). Based on this information, I desire fear to be eradicated from my life. There are many areas in my life that are consumed with fear and that means that God’s perfect love is not in those areas of my life. So long I have lived in fear and did not want to do anything about it. I am walking out this deliverance but this is no easy feat. There are many times where I just want to give up because it is so easy for me to dwell in fear. I was ok in living in fear because I had already been hurt, abused, and missed out on a lot so what’s the use of trying to live now?!?! Whew! Now that I have read this statement again, my heart aches because I knew the mental state that I was in. I was so hurt! Broken! Damaged! A life of fear became my safe place. How ironic is that! I am glad that I know my worth and decided to not live in fear any longer. My heart goes out to all who is still living in fear. I pray you get to a point where you truly desire fear to be gone!

With Love,

Emily ❤️


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